Roll on remedy/therapeutic fragrance  Using flowers, absolutes, fruits, woods, sun & moonshine & blended in pure  organic jojoba oil. 10ml


This is the aromatherapy equivalent of Bach flowers rescue remedy. Neroli (orange blossom) is used for shock, anxiety and insomnia; marjoram is sedative; frankincense is claming and deepens the breath, clary sage to deeply relax and then there’s some sweet orange to uplift. Blended in organic jojoba, the perfectly light and easily absorded base. 10ml


  1. Donna Murray (verified owner)

    Everyone should have Spirit under their pillow – I am so grateful to Essential Spirit for producing it, and the amazing Marina, for her advice, her genuine heartfelt belief in assisting in the well being of her customers.

    I am a returning customer, and ‘Spirit’ has helped me when I was having difficulty sleeping because, due to my work I would commute between workplaces and my sleep pattern became disturbed. I can honestly say it has also had a huge beneficial impact on my sinusitis.

    If I do wake up, in the middle of the night, I know I have it to hand and because it comes in a roll on, within minutes of putting it on my wrist pulse points, I also do my neck and temples, and breath it in – honestly I am asleep … This most definitely rates 5/5

    • marina vundum

      Thanks Donna, we’re really happy that you’ve been helped by Spirit and that you love and promote essentialspirit.

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