white lotus This remarkable flower is an ancient symbol of divine enlightenment. It grows in muddy waters but rises to the surface untouched by any impurities and flowers with an elegant beauty. Used for thousands of years in eastern religions to represent spiritual growth, regeneration and peace. Brings clarity to meditation and reflection and connects to a higher spiritual level. Helps alleviate nervousness and removes negative energies.

sacred frankincense – this special variety of frankincense is the most difficult to get of all the frankincense oils. It has a deeply relaxing effect on the mind and breath and is useful for spiritual practice, meditation and prayer.

Ylang-ylang – this sweet floral oil helps anchor the other two oils and support them in their sedative and calming effects on the nervous system.

In a base of jojoba liquid wax (the finest, lightest oil) all ingredients are organic. Roll over pulses.

Ingredients: simmondsia chinensis*, nelumbo nucifera, boswellia sacra, cananga odorata, linalool* limonene* (*naturally occurring in essential oils)

For those of you who prefer ingredients in English: jojoba, white lotus, sacred frankincense, yang-ylang.