Roll on remedy/therapeutic fragrance  Using flowers, absolutes, fruits, woods, sun & moonshine & blended in pure  organic jojoba oil. 10ml


This pink blend of pure rose (the queen of flowers) is velvety rich and sweet and works mainly on the heart area, opens, comforts and balances, rose geranium which is gently uplifting and balancing for the emotions, sweet orange which sweetens and freshens the blend and then a tad of patchouli, to anchor the combination together and will ground and calm. This blend will help ease states of anxiety and is supportive in loss and sadness. The base is organic jojoba. Roll over pulse area on wrists, neck and heart. 10ml


  1. m.trainingsystems1969 (verified owner)

    I first purchased this beautiful Heart roll on remedy when I visited the Sam-y Ling Buddist monastry in Scotalnd. I’m so happy that I was introduced to it there and I now wear it all the time after replacing my usual chemical filled perfume with this natural, harmonising fragrance… Thank you Essential Spirit : )

    • marina vundum

      You’re very welcome and thank you for taking the time to review it x

  2. Doreen

    This has helped when I feel like I need some reassurance and a hug. I love the smell of roses anyway but this perfect little remedy in a bottle is always in my bag wherever I go.

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