‘Mother Earth’ – this natural aromatic blend is sensuous with a radiant quality and will ground and support you in times of nervous depletion and stress. It contains Tuberose, a flower of the night, (related to the lily family) is intoxicating and seductive. It’s sweet and floral fragrance opens the heart centre and protects and supports the wearer’s energies. Vetivert is known as the oil of tranquillity. It’s grounding and strengthening on the nervous system. Mandarin, gently uplifting and dispelling dark thoughts.

Blended in organic jojoba liquid wax.  Roll over pulses – over 90% organic   10ml

Ingredients: simmondsia chinensis, polianthes tuberosa, vetiveria zanoides, citrus nobilis, limonene*.   *naturally occurring in essential oils.

or, if you prefer your ingredients in English: jojoba, tuberose, vetiver and mandarin