Marina has been making superior handmade soap for over 22 years, long before it became popular to do so. Her original motivation was to make superior and luxurious handmade soap using the finest aromatherapy graded essential oils in the traditional cold process method, which retains the goodness and nutrients of the oils used. Marina has achieved this goal and using the traditional cold process soap making method, has created a nourishing, cleansing bar with a rich, creamy lather that leaves the skin feeling moisturised and well cared for. With her extensive experience working with essential oils, she has created some outstanding and original fragrant combinations in the soap range and also in skincare and home fragrance range.

There is nothing in the soap which isn’t beneficial – no colourants or synthetics. The base is mostly olive oil which creates the most nourishing soap available and nutrient rich hemp oil (full of healthy omega oils), together with coconut and caster oils and fragranced with the purest essential oils. This produces a truly enriching soap of the highest quality.

They are palm free and although palm is an important and versatile raw material and has the highest yield per hectare than any oilseed crop, there are environmental pressures on its rapid expansion in eco-sensitive areas. There has long been a movement towards producing palm in a sustainable manner based on economic social and environmental viability, but it is an industry yet to be free from controversy.

None of their products or ingredients have been tested on animals and they have a fixed cut-off date of 1990 – this is the only way to ensure cruelty free products. All their products are vegetarian (and mostly vegan), sustainable and traceable to source.

Finally, each bar of soap is wrapped in colourful and dynamic fair trade handmade paper so it makes a lovely gift to buy someone special too.

handmade pure organic soap

…we create our own unique gift boxes that are made out of recycled card and wrapped in colourful, dynamic handmade paper