If you like a fragrance, does it matter whether it is natural or synthetic? I have been a fan of aromatic herbs and flowers my whole life but did wear perfumes before my fateful encounter with essential oils. For me, nothing can improve upon the beautiful, complex aromas from essential oils, which can reach the depths of one’s conciousness and have the ability to time travel decades into the past.

The olfactory nerve (our sense of smell) connects to the limbic area (where memory is stored) in the brain and this is why if we have a good or bad memory associated with a smell, then that smell will evoke that memory and the reaction can be happiness or fear depending on the original experience. How cool is that?

“my lovely, kind and funny aunt wore lavender and everytime I smell it, I feel good and positive”


“my angry, miserable, moody aunt wore lavender and everytime I smell lavender, I feel upset and insecure”

Fragrance’ oils are synthetic and if you like the smell, you like the smell. Essential oils are natural and if blended well (which is an art) not only smell lovely but also have a therapeutic, purifying and positive effect, physically and emotionally.

I’ve yet to come across a synthetic fragrance that beats nature so thank you but no thank you