Marina Vundrum Essential Spirit ScotlandEssential Spirit is an ethical and environmental award winning company created by Marina Vundum over 25 years ago when she began making natural aromatic handmade soap. Her adventure into the world of aromatherapy had started much earlier when she bought her first bottles of essential oil after walking passed a newly opened aromatherapy shop in Regent Street, London in 1980.

Marina was instantly captivated by the natural potent fragrance and healing power contained within those little bottles and knew then that something very important had entered her life. She always had a strong affinity to nature and natural health that led her to train in various bodywork disciplines, including aromatherapy, and that passion for aromatic plants and healing continues to motivate her today. 40 years later she is still practicing a small amount of bodywork but mostly is inspired to create and share beautiful, therapeutic body and skincare products for people who care about the environment as well as caring for themselves.

15 years ago Marina moved from the wild and remote North coast of Sutherland to the small village of Eskdalemuir in the beautiful Dumfriesshire countryside, just one mile from Samye Ling Tibetan Centre and Monastery. Marina’s husband Des joined Essential Spirit soon after this and has become an integral part of the business. Des makes and wraps the soaps and creates the unique gift boxes made out of recycled card and wrapped in colourful, dynamic handmade paper and each adorned with an original watercolour flower.. These boxes have been described as ‘treasure troves filled with the best soap on the planet!’

Together their mission is to produce the most luxurious products in a traditional and ethical way, that are therapeutically beneficial to minds and bodies.